Great Expectations audiobook

Great Expectations audiobook
by Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Great Expectations is written in the first person and is virtually a fictional autobiography of “Pip” from his childhood, through often painful experiences, to adulthood. It charts his progress as he moves from the Kent marshes – his social status radically changed having gained an unknown benefactor – to busy commercial London. The book is richly populated with a variety of extraordinary characters many of whom, unbeknownst to them, have lives that are inextricably linked to the others. It is all there, love, hate, passion, humour, rejection, duplicity, betrayal, a whole gamut of emotions and human strengths and weaknesses . This is one of Dickens most fascinating, and disturbing novels. (Summary by Peter Keeble)


Great Expectations
Greatexpectations vol1.jpg
Title page of Vol. 1 of first edition, July 1861
Author(s) Charles Dickens
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Weekly: 1 December 1860 – 3 August 1861
Genre(s) Realistic fiction, social criticism
Publisher Chapman & Hall
Publication date 1861 (in three volumes)
Media type Print