Moby Dick, or the Whale audiobook

Moby Dick, or the Whale audiobook
by Herman Melville (1819-1891)

Few things, even in literature, can really be said to be unique — but Moby Dick is truly unlike anything written before or since. The novel is nominally about the obsessive hunt by the crazed Captain Ahab of the book’s eponymous white whale. But interspersed in that story are digressions, paradoxes, philosophical riffs on whaling and life, and a display of techniques so advanced for its time that some have referred to the 1851 Moby Dick as the first “modern” novel.
(Summary by Stewart Wills)


Moby-Dick; or, The Whale
Moby-Dick FE title page.jpg
Title page, first American edition of Moby-Dick
Author(s) Herman Melville
Language English
Genre(s) Adventure novel, Epic, Sea story
Publisher Richard Bentley (Britain)
Harper & Brothers (U.S.)
Publication date October 18, 1851 (Britain)
November 14, 1851 (U.S.)
Pages 635 (U.S. first edition)[1]