White Fang audiobook

White Fang audiobook
by Jack London (1876-1916)

When White Fang is birthed in a cave to a wolf sire and a wolf/dog halfbreed dam, he is heir to two traditions. At first he is content to explore and learn laws of the Wild. But then his mother is caught and held by old memories of a past relationship with Man, and White Fang follows her into service with the Indians. Life among sled dogs is hardly less cruel and dangerous than living in the Wild, but brutality notches upward when his drunken master sells him to a nasty, twisted hanger-on at a riverside town of white men. He is stripped of everything soft and gentle when forced to fight to the death for a crowd of bettors.

Taming this savage spirit and reclaiming the nobility within looks impossible. Fortunately, and heart-warmingly, a man arrives in White Fang’s life to try.

“White Fang” is often called the mirror image of Jack London’s acclaimed “The Call of the Wild” in which a dog follows the reverse arc from tame to free. (summary by Mark)


White Fang
First edition cover
Author(s) Jack London
Country United States
Language English
Series Jack London
Genre(s) Adventure
Publisher Macmillan
Publication date May 1906
Media type Print (Serial, Hardback &Paperback)
Pages 298 pp (2001 Scholastic paperback)
ISBN 978-1-85813-740-7
Preceded by The Call of the Wild