The Exploits of Juve

The Exploits of Juve (FULL Audio Book)
by Marcel Allain (1885-1969)

Fant?mas was introduced a few years after Ars?ne Lupin, another well-known thief. But whereas Lupin draws the line at murder, Fant?mas has no such qualms and is shown as a sociopath who enjoys killing in a sadistic fashion.

He is totally ruthless, gives no mercy, and is loyal to none, not even his own children. He is a master of disguise, always appearing under an assumed identity, often that of a person whom he has murdered. Fant?mas makes use of bizarre and improbable techniques in his crimes, such as plague-infested rats, giant snakes, and rooms that fill with sand.

The Exploits of Juve chronicles some of Juve’s adventures in pursuit of this master criminal and ends with what may be Fantomas’ revenge on the detective.

(Introduction by Wikipedia and Don Jenkins)