Dombey and Son audiobook

Dombey and Son audiobook
by Charles Dickens

Dombey and Son is a novel by the Victorian author Charles Dickens. The story concerns Paul Dombey, the wealthy owner of the shipping company of the book’s title, whose dream is to have a son to continue his business. The book begins when his son is born, and Dombey’s wife dies shortly after giving birth.

As with most of Dickens’ work, a number of socially significant themes are to be found in this book. In particular the book deals with the then-prevalent common practice of arranged marriages for financial gain. Other themes to be detected within this work include child cruelty (particularly in Dombey’s treatment of Florence), familial relationships, and as ever in Dickens, betrayal and deceit and the consequences thereof. (Wikipedia)


Dombey and Son
Dombeyson serial cover.jpg
Cover, first serial edition, fifth instalment, February 1847
Author(s) Charles Dickens
Original title Dealings with the Firm
of Dombey and Son:
Wholesale, Retail
and for Export
Illustrator Hablot Knight Browne (Phiz)
Country England
Language English
Series Monthly:
October 1846 –
April 1848
Genre(s) Novel, Social criticism
Publisher Bradbury & Evans
Publication date 1848
Media type Print (Serial, Hardback, andPaperback)