The Beast in the Jungle Audiobook

The Beast in the Jungle Audiobook
by Henry James (1843-1916)

‘The Beast in the Jungle’ is a 1903 novella by Henry James, first published as part of the collection, The Better Sort. Almost universally considered one of James’ finest short narratives, this story treats appropriately universal themes: loneliness, fate, love and death. The parable of John Marcher and his peculiar destiny has spoken to many readers who have speculated on the worth and meaning of human life.(Summary by Wikipedia)


The Beast in the Jungle

1st edition (UK)
Author Henry James
Country United Kingdom, United States
Language English
Genre Novella
Publisher Methuen, London
Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York City
Publication date Methuen: February 26, 1903
Scribner’s: February 26, 1903
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Published as part of the short story collection The Better Sort