Captives of the Flame audiobook

Captives of the Flame audiobook
by Samuel R. Delany (1942- )

Chip Delany’s 2nd novel — the first is The Jewels of Aptor (1962) — published by Ace Books in 1963. Set in the 35th Century, the survivors of a nuclear war live on the coastline and an island in a kingdom ruled by a royal family in disrepair. A young victim — the son of a wealthy merchant — of their wrath becomes a working-class hero as he fights to get back his good name, aided by a disaffected member of the royal family. This was later rewritten as Out of The Dead City by Delany as part of the Towers Trilogy, an early masterpiece, imo. (Introduction by BellonaTimes)



Captives of the Flame
Delany Captives-of-the-Flame.jpg
Cover of first edition paperback
Author(s) Samuel R. Delany
Cover artist Jack Gaughan
Country United States
Language English
Series The Fall of the Towers
Genre(s) Science fantasy novel
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date 1963
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 147 pp
OCLC Number 1162251
Followed by The Towers of Toron