Round the Moon audiobook

Round the Moon audiobook
Jules VERNE (1828 – 1905)
Around the Moon, Jules Verne’s sequel to From the Earth to the Moon, is a science fiction novel continuing the trip to the moon which left the reader in suspense after the previous novel. It was later combined with From the Earth to the Moon to create A Trip to the Moon and Around It. (Summary from wikipedia)

Genre(s): Science Fiction
Language: English (FULL Audiobook)


Around the Moon
'Around the Moon' by Bayard and Neuville 01.jpg
Author Jules Verne
Original title Autour de la Lune
Translator Louis Mercier & Eleanor E. King(1873); Edward Roth (1874);Thomas H. Linklater (1877); I. O. Evans (1959), Jacqueline andRobert Baldick (1970), Harold Salemson (1970)
Illustrator ?mile-Antoine Bayard andAlphonse-Marie de Neuville
Country France
Language French
Series The Extraordinary Voyages #7
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date 1870
Published in English 1873
Media type Print (Hardback)
Preceded by Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Followed by A Floating City