The Moon Metal Garrett P. SERVISS (1851 - 1929) Garrett Putnam Serviss (1851-1929) was an astronomer, popularizer of astronomy, and early science fiction writer. Serviss showed a talent for explaining scientific details in a way that made them clear to the ordinary reader. Serviss's favorite topic was astronomy, as shown by the fact that of the fifteen books he wrote, eight are devoted to that science. He unquestionably was more widely read by the public on that topic than anyone prior to his time. Read more [...]

Curiosities of the Sky audiobook
Garrett P. SERVISS (1851 – 1929)
Astronomy is known as the oldest of the sciences, and it will be the longest-lived because it will always have arcana that have not been penetrated.”-Excerpt from the Preface of Curiosities of the Sky by Garrett Serviss

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