Jane Eyre (dramatic reading)

Jane Eyre (dramatic reading)
by Charlotte Bronte (1816 – 1855)
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Jane Eyre is a masterpiece of romance and hardship, penned by beloved author Charlotte Bront?. From a childhood spent as a dependent relation amongst cruel relatives and then as a student at a spirit-crushing charity school, Jane grows to become a remarkable woman: poor and plain in an era that viewed women as little more than ornaments, she believes in her own worth and craves independence and adventure. She becomes governess to a little girl at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with the brooding, Byronic master, Mr. Rochester: a man who hides a terrible secret in Thornfield’s attic. A favorite of readers everywhere since its publication in 1847, Bront?’s novel is one of the most enduring classics of all time. (Summary by Elizabeth Barr)

Narrator/Charlotte Bronte/Louisa Eshton: Eden Rea-Hedrick
Jane Eyre: Elizabeth Barr
Young Jane/Mrs. Dent/Bread Shop Woman: Arielle Lipshaw
Mrs. Reed: Kristingj
John Reed/Mr. Lloyd/Robert/John/Mr. Mason: Jared Hess
Eliza Reed: Thisbe
Georgiana Reed: Diana Majlinger
Bessie: Verity Kendall
Abbot: Julia Niedermaier
Sarah/Helen Burns: April Gonzales
First Class Lowood Girl/Hannah: Libby Gohn
Cumberland Girl/Sam/Dr. Carter/Footman/Housekeeper: C F de Rosset
Mr. Brocklehurst: Anthony
Miss Temple/Lowton Postmistress/Charwoman/Mrs. Eshton/Diana Rivers: Elizabeth Klett
Miss Miller: Jeannie Tirado
Miss Scatcherd/Lowood Nurse/Barbara/Lady Ingram/Cottage Girl: Charlotte Duckett
Miss Smith/Lady Lynn: Anna Simon
Lowood Servant/House Woman: KateC
Miss Brocklehurst/Amy Eshton/Porter’s Wife: Victoria Martin
Mr. Rochester: Algy Pug
Mrs. Fairfax/Coach Guard/Host: Caprisha Page
Leah/Rosamund Oliver: Susanna
Mary: Novella Serena
Grace Poole: Beth Thomas
Adele: Tiffany Halla Colonna
Sophie: Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Blanche Ingram: Amanda Friday
Lord Ingram: andrelt
Mary Ingram/Mary Rivers: Grace Garrett
Colonel Dent/Mr. Wood/Coachman/Waiter/Ostler: Todd
Frederick Lynn: Ethan Hardman
Henry Lynn: John Trevithick
Mr. Eshton: Oxenhandler
Mr. Briggs: Ken Garrett
St. John Rivers: Aidan Brack
Cottage Mother: Sally Mc

Audio edited by Elizabeth Barr and Elizabeth Klett


Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre title page.jpg
Title page of the first Jane Eyre edition
Author(s) Charlotte Bront?
Country England
Language English
Genre(s) Gothic fiction, social criticism,bildungsroman
Publisher Smith, Elder, and Company
Publication date 16 October 1847