The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes audiobook

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes audiobook
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

Dr. Watson chronicles here some of the more interesting detective cases that he and his good friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, have encountered during their association. We see the cases unfold as he does, scratch our heads as does he while the evidence is collected, and then marvel at the impeccable observations, remarkable insight, and doggedness which Holmes displays as he teases apart the tangled clues.

Packaged as twelve distinct cases, by the end of this book your own senses of observation and deductive reasoning should be improved. It’s easy to see why this book became a model for detective yarns! (Summary by Mark F. Smith)


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Adventures of sherlock holmes.jpg
Cover of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Author(s) Arthur Conan Doyle
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Sherlock Holmes
Genre(s) Detective fiction short stories
Publisher George Newnes
Publication date 1892[1]
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 307
Preceded by The Sign of the Four
Followed by The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes