The Aspern Papers (audiobook)

The Aspern Papers (audiobook)
by Henry James (1843-1916)

One of James’s favorite short novels, the Aspern Papers tells of the efforts of the nameless narrator to procure the papers of a famous, but now dead, American poet. His attempts to secure them from the poet’s former lover and her niece, now recluses in Venice, are stymied both by them, and by his own mistakes in his quest.


The Aspern Papers
First edition title page
Author(s) Henry James
Country United Kingdom, United States
Language English
Genre(s) Novella
Publisher Macmillan and Co., London, New York City
Publication date London: 29-Sept-1888
New York City: 10-Nov-1888
Media type Print
Pages London: volume one, 239; volume two, 258
New York City: 290
Both editions also included the stories Louisa Pallant and The Modern Warning