The Good-Natured Man – audiobook

The Good-Natured Man – audiobook
Oliver GOLDSMITH (1730 – 1774)
By the playwright of the more popular She Stoops to Conquer, The Good-Natured Man is the comedic story of misguided philanthropy, mistaken identity, and secret romance. Will Honeywell, The Good-Natured Man, see through the lies and trickery surrounding his generosity? Will Leontine and Olivia’s true relationship be found out? And just what is that Lofty guy up to…? (Summary by Amanda Friday)

Narrator: Katy Fossil
Sir William Honeywood: ToddHW
Jarvis: Larry Wilson
Mr. Honeywood: Gloriousjob
Butler, Bailiff: tovarisch
Croaker: bala
Mrs. Croaker: Michele Eaton
Miss Richland: Charlotte Duckett
Leontine: sdaeley17
Olivia: Amanda Friday
Garnet: Kristen Gjerl?w
French Servant, Follower, Postboy: alanmapstone
Lofty: Denny Sayers
Servant: Richard Friday
Landlady: Elizabeth Klett

Editor: ToddHW
Genre(s): Romance
Language: English (FULL Audiobook)