The Film of Fear audiobook

The Film of Fear audiobook
by Arnold Fredericks (1873 – 1943)

Ruth Morton is a world-renowned film actress who seems to have it all: youth, beauty, wealth, and a viable career. But she soon becomes the target of a malicious stalker who begins sending her a series of cryptic threats. Dismissed at first, the stalker soon emerges as a legitimate — and mysterious — threat. She soon must call for the services of Richard and Grace Duvall, a husband and wife detective team who soon find themselves ensnared in a mystery where everyone soon becomes a target. (Summary by ChuckW)

Narrator: Bev J. Stevens
Richard Duvall: Chuck Williamson
Grace Duvall/Cabman #2: Amanda Friday
Ruth Morton: Grace Garrett
Harriet Morton: Caprisha Page
Miss Norman/Dr. Benson: Elizabeth Klett
Miss Ford/Film Fan #3: April Gonzales
Mr. Baker: Robert Hoffman
Martin Leary/Hotel Physician/Cabman #1: Moromis
Nora/Servant/Boss at Telegraph Office: Charlotte Duckett
John Stapleton/Mr. Edwards: AllenJohns
Mr. Curry/Scully/Janitor: Todd
Jim: Julia Niedermaier
Mr. Emmett: Ernst Pattynama
Man at Telegraph Office: Aidan Brack
Mary Wickes: Tara Dow
Film Fan #1/Clerk #1/Page: Katherine Edman
Film Fan #2/Tenant: Victoria Martin
Clerk #2: Kristingj

Audio edited by Chuck Williamson and Elizabeth Klett