Arthur Mervyn audiobook

Arthur Mervyn audiobook
by Charles Brockden Brown

Arthur Mervyn is the story of a young man from the country who arrives in a city stricken with Yellow Fever. He soon comes down with the illness and is rescued by a kindly doctor. Arthur tells the doctor and his wife the story of his life, thereby gaining the doctor’s confidence and good will. However, others familiar with Arthur tell another tale, and the doctor’s as well as the reader’s confidence in Arthur is shaken. Brown, who himself contracted Yellow Fever during an outbreak in New York City, vividly describes the horrors of the disease and its effects on an early American city. (Summary by Margaret)


Arthur Mervyn
Arthur Mervyn 1st ed.jpg
First edition title page
Author(s) Charles Brockden Brown
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Gothic novel
Publisher H. Maxwell & Co.
Publication date 1799
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages vi, 224 pp