The Black Tulip audiobook

The Black Tulip audiobook
by Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

Unknown translator
The Black Tulip, written by Alexandre Dumas p?re and published in 1850, is a historical novel placed in the time of Tulipmania in the Netherlands. The novel begins with the 1672 politically motivated mob lynching of the de Witt brothers and then follows the story of Cornelius van Baerle, godson of Cornelius de Wit. Cornelius Van Baerle has joined the race to breed a truly black tulip — and to win the prize of 100,000 guilders, as well as fame and honour. As he nears his goal he is jailed and then of course rescued — by the beautiful Rosa, daughter of the jailer. (summary by gailtv)


The Black Tulipee
Author Alexandre Dumas
Original title La Tulipe Noire
Country France
Language Translated from French
Genre Historical, Romantic
Publisher Baudry, Paris 1850
Publication date French 1850
Pages 234 p. (Penguin Classics Edition)