The Decameron audiobook

The Decameron audiobook
by Giovanni Boccaccio, translated by J. M. Rigg

The Decameron (subtitle: Prencipe Galeotto) is a collection of 100 novellas by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, probably begun in 1350 and finished in 1353. It is a medieval allegorical work best known for its bawdy tales of love, appearing in all its possibilities from the erotic to the tragic. Many notable writers such as Shakespeare and Chaucer are said to have borrowed from The Decameron. (from Wikipedia)


The Decameron
Illustration from a ca. 1492 edition of Il Decameron published in Venice
Illustration from a ca. 1492 edition of Il Decameron published in Venice
Author(s) Giovanni Boccaccio
Original title Il Decameron, cognominato Prencipe Galeotto
Translator John Payne,
Richard Aldington,
James McMullen Rigg,
Mark Musa,
Peter Bondanella,
et al.
Country Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Medieval allegory
Publisher Filippo and Bernardo Giunti
Published in English 1886
Media type Print