Gulliver of Mars

Gulliver of Mars (FULL Audio Book)
by Edwin L. Arnold

This escapist novel, first published in 1905 as Lieutenant Gullivar Jones: His Vacation, follows the exploits of American Navy Lieutenant Gulliver Jones, a bold, if slightly hapless, hero who is magically transported to Mars; where he almost outwits his enemies, almost gets the girl, and almost saves the day.

Somewhat of a literary and chronological bridge between H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jones’ adventures provide an evocative mix of satire and sword-and-planet adventure.

(Summary by James Christopher and Wikipedia)


Author(s) Edwin Lester Arnold
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Fantasy novel, Science fiction novel
Publisher S.C. Brown, Langham & Co.
Publication date 1905
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 301 pp