The Altar of the Dead audiobook

The Altar of the Dead audiobook
by Henry James (1843-1916)

A fable of literally life and death significance, the story explores how the protagonist tries to keep the remembrance of his dead friends, to save them from being forgotten entirely in the rush of everyday events. He meets a woman who shares his ideals, only to find that the past places what seems to be an impassable barrier between them. Although James was not religious in any conventional sense, the story shows a deep spirituality in its treatment of mortality and the transcendent power of unselfish love. (Introduction by Wikipedia)


“The Altar of the Dead”

Terminations, 1895, first U.S. edition of “The Altar of the Dead”
Author Henry James
Country United Kingdom, United States
Language English
Genre Short story
Publisher William Heinemann, London
Harper & Brothers, New York City
Publication date Heinemann: May 15, 1895
Harper: June 18, 1895
Media type Print
Published as part of the short story collection Terminations